Ant Control Services

Ant infestation is the most commonly reported pest problem. Many homeowners use their own methods to try to rid their home of the ants they see, however the ants return time and time again. This is because the main body of ants travel to and from the colony, which could be anywhere inside or outside of the home. Scout ants are sent by the queen ant to look for food. Once the food has been found, hundreds and even thousands of ants travel the trail to locate the food. Simply trying to eliminate the ants you see in your home every day will not solve the problem. The best course of action to kill ants is to contact a professional ant exterminator right away.

What do we do? We exterminate the ants and their colony (nest)!

All our technicians her at Sierra Termite are professionally trained in ant extermination. Our exterminators will locate the main source (colony) and apply the latest treatments to eliminate the nest. These nests outside of the home can be found anywhere in trees, tree stumps, fences, and in the ground. Professional ant extermination inside the home includes treatments that will not harm your family members or your pets. Ongoing prevention is recommended by Sierra Termite to prevent future infestation.

Ants have also been known to build nests in walls, doors, cracks, crawl spaces, insulation, bricks, eaves, and decks. They also tend to follow wiring and plumbing to infiltrate all areas of your home. Even your furniture can be infested and damaged. The implementation of the latest ant control technology by a professionally qualified ant extermination company allows your family to safely enjoy activities inside the home and outside in the yard.

Call us today to get rid of your ant problem once and for all!