Spider Control Services

Spiders are not like most other pests. For starters, they are not insects, they are arachnids. Most spiders have fangs and some even have poisonous venom. However, spiders should not be treated lightly even if their venom is not poisonous. Spider bites are painful and may cause health concerns. So getting them professionally exterminated is the best solution for your home and family.

Are spiders difficult to control on your own?

Spiders walk on the tips of their eight legs and do not touch their bodies on most surfaces, they also do not groom themselves. These attributes make it difficult for most products to work effectively on spiders. Many over-the-counter products that are labeled for spider control may kill spiders with direct contact, but are rendered useless when it comes to residual control of spiders. There are only a select few products that are effective in controlling spiders long term.

What do we do? We provide spider extermination and control!

Here at Sierra Termite we focus on not just getting rid of your spiders, but on controlling your spider problem. Our professional spider exterminators will perform a detailed inspection of the interior and exterior of your home to determine where the spiders are residing. By examining the outdoor surroundings with a trained eye it will help us determine why the spiders are infesting the area or where the entry point is. Our technicians will easily recognize a potentially dangerous species, create a plan to eliminate and manage the problem, and advise you about continuing pest control.