Rodent Control Services

If you have rats or mice in your home or surrounding your home we understand the urgency to get rid of those rodents. Here at Sierra Termite we specialize not only on rodent extermination, but on doing it the right way. Rodent extermination is more than just killing your rodents. A more extensive plan must be put into action by you and your exterminator to make sure all the rodents are removed from your home and that your problem doesn't happen again. While this is especially true if you already have a recurring problem, even a first time problem is best dealt with in a way that best ensures the likelihood that you won't need another exterminator in the near or distant future.

What do we do? We provide mouse extermination and rat extermination!

Our professionally trained technicians not only address the issue of current rodents, but they also identify possible entry points and other conditions that attract rodent activity.

Our Rodent Control Services include:

Correcting possible rodent entry points (sealing cracks around perimeter of home/building, installing steel mesh screens around crawl space vents and attic eaves, etc.), professional rodent (mouse and rat) trapping services, regular maintenance and monitoring, and carcass removal of rats and mice.

What about any damage the rodents have done?

Mice and rats are known to destroy and contaminate insulation, vapor barriers, wood, electrical work and air ducts. Here at Sierra Termite, we also provide excellent crawl space restoration services, as well as professional air duct/dryer vent cleaning, repair and restoration.